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International Conferences

Academic Conferences

  • The MiT7 Unstable Platforms: the promise and peril of transition, MIT, Cambridge (USA), 13–15 May 2011.
    • Paper: ‘ “Everything About the Past”: Wikipedia and History Education’.


  • McLuhan Galaxy conference “Understanding Media, Today ”’, Universisat Oberta de Catalunya, Universitat Pompeu Fabra & Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain), 23-25 May 2011.
    • Paper: ‘ “Everything About the Past”: Wikipedia and History Education’

Westminster conference

  • 3rd Global Conference: Digital Memories, Inter-Disciplinary Net, Prague (Czech Republic), 14-16 March 2011.
    • Paper: ‘Web-based videos in the history class: A qualitative Inquiry’


  • Racism, Ethnicity and the Media in Africa, London, University of Westminster (UK), 25-26 March 2010.
    • Paper: ‘Rwanda: Hate memories, hate media’.


  • The Arts of Mediation, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon (Portugal), 17 – 19 March 2010.
    • Paper: ‘The Past in a Nutshell: Naming as a Memory Art’


  • Mobile Africa Workshop, African Studies Center, Leiden (The Netherlands), 9 December 2010.
    • Paper: ‘Mobile reporting as a child abuse detection tool’


  • Archives without Borders, De Koninklijke Vereniging van Archivarissen in Nederland & de Vlaamse Vereniging voor Bibliotheek, Archief & Documentatie, Den Haag  (The Netherlands) 30-31 August 2010.
    • Paper: ‘Non-mediated Archives: Naming as a Human Right Issue’.


  • Textbooks and Beyond: Educational Media in Global Contexts. International Summer School, Georg-Eckert-Institut für internationale Schulbuchforschung, Braunschweig (Germany), 23-28 August 2010.
    • Paper: ‘Kids and the Web: An Ethnographic Perspective on Digital Media Uses in Secondary History Education’


  • 1st Global Conference: Digital Memories, Inter-Disciplinary Net, Salzburg (Austria), 17-19 March 2009.
    • Paper: ‘Clickable memories: Hyperlinking and memory contextualization’.


  • The Cultural Life of Catastrophes and Crises, European Summer School in Cultural Studies 2009, Copenhagen (Denmark), 17-21 August 2009.
    • Paper: ‘Memory Crisis: Remembering and forgetting in post-genocide Rwanda’.


  • Memory and Truth, South-Western University Neofit Rilski, Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria), 28-31 October 2009.
    • Paper: ‘Memorizing the “truth”: community justice in post-genocide Rwanda’














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